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Here we have a few pearls of wisdom for Landlords and Investors that may be of interest to MBPS customers. Plus Body Corporate questions regarding matters like keeping pets and the body corporate levies are common, here we outline some key points.

What is an average Main Beach Body Corporate Levy?

What is an average Main Beach Body Corporate Levy? $7,761.59 ($149.26 weekly) We posted a similar article on our blog 3 ½ years ago and you might be interested to know the figure then was $7,919 per annum. ‘What are the body corporate levies?” is often the ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
17th January 2019
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 1518

Open Letter to Property Investors from Clifford Bennett

For those who do not know me, I have been an international markets trader, analyst and economist for some 30 years now with some of the world’s biggest investment banks. For the past decade I have been out on my own, in the wilderness, and life has never felt better. One ...

Posted By Cathy Kershaw
5th July 2018
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 1358

Want to buy a Main Beach Holiday Apartment?

Holiday season in Main Beach is busy and exciting and creates some wonderful memories for families and couples. Activities include: our beaches, sunshine, The Broadwater, attractions, theme parks, restaurants and resort facilities. In the last month or so I was repeatedly asked ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
4th November 2016
Duration : 4 Minute Read
Views : 2156

Keeping pets in buildings - the changing landscape

Whilst most Body Corporate By-laws still state that owners can only keep pets with ‘approval of the Body Corporate’ or ‘no pets are to be kept on the property’ the reality is indeed quite different. Landmark decisions from early back as 2010 changed the ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
16th September 2016
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 1445

Are you claiming all that you should?

Through owning a investment property in which you receive an income, you are able to claim any expense associated with that income. By deducting property expenses correctly, you can expect a higher tax refund and leave more rental income in the bank. Every year thousands of ...

Posted By Cathy Kershaw
15th August 2016
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 1754

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