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The Property Market is constantly changing due to global, national, local and political influences.

The Coalition has retained and strengthened its position as the government of the day.

A clear majority and mandate to move forward with policies that make sense. In fact, the key point of the election is that common sense prevailed. I did forecast the Coalition to win and remained resolute in this view throughout. The opinion polls always had a large “undecided” ...

Posted By Clifford Bennett
29th May 2019 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
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Main Beach Market Update

‘Pottering happily along on its own’ is how a Valuer recently described the Main Beach property market to me and I don’t think anyone could argue with that looking at the graph below! I am speaking mostly about apartments in this report because it represents ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
4th January 2019 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 4 Minute Read
Views : 1383

Evil or not?

The effect of new development on existing real estate.  Increased development of apartments is a national trend which has been building for a decade and is unlikely to change anytime soon.   Gold Coast City had a 52% increase in construction approvals over the ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
27th January 2017 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 4 Minute Read
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Facts about Australia’s reliance on Chinese money

• Australia's capital cities have seen an increase in home prices of almost 55% in the past 7 years. • Purchases by foreign investors, particularly those with a connection to China have helped fuel this rapid rise and has for months now brought about community concern ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
18th November 2016 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 4 Minute Read
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Main Beach prices performing above average

The Gold Coast residential property market remains one of the strongest markets in Queensland. In fact, the 6.7% growth of the median house price over 12 months to June 2016 is the largest increase in Queensland. The unit market has been more subdued, even a little volatile ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
26th September 2016 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
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What does the election result mean for property owners? As there will be no changes to negative gearing as a result of the Australian Federal Election of the Coalition Government, home owners and investors can now take a collective sigh of relief. Labor’s policy meant ...

Cathy KershawPosted By Cathy Kershaw
19th July 2016 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
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