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Information about buying or selling property whether it is downsizing, upsizing or investing from Main Beach Property Sales. Plus a variety of questions regarding property contracts. Here are some articles about some of the more common questions Main Beach Property Sales receives.

Unnecessary And Unwelcome Cost Or A Hidden Saving?

BODY CORPORATE LEVIES Would you be surprised to learn that an average weekly Body Corp fee in Main Beach is just $173.00 per week? To calculate this we have used our last 100 sales which includes everything from blocks of 6 older style units, apartments in the boutique 3 storey ...

Posted By claire-branson
6th October 2022
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 1247

Multiple Offers From An Agent's Perspective

Have you ever found yourself competing for a property with another buyer? Recently I had the situation where two prospective buyers submitted simultaneous offers, in the form of contracts of sale, to purchase a property. As you can imagine it usually works out to be fortuitous ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
25th January 2019 (Updated 9th October 2021)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 3984

Sale price over $750,000 - A Clearance Certificate is required

CHANGES TO FOREIGN RESIDENT CAPITAL GAINS WITHHOLDING RATE & THRESHOLDSource: ATO On 9 May 2017, the Government announced proposed changes to the foreign resident capital gains withholding (FRCGW) rate and threshold. The changes will apply to contracts entered into on or ...

Cathy KershawPosted By Cathy Kershaw
30th June 2017 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 2691

Run Out Of Space?

Have you run out of space in your apartment? Living in your first home? Had an addition to the family? Too many possessions? Not an uncommon scenario and your options in an apartment are limited. You can reconfigure the space and this could help but adding a bedroom or extra ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
3rd February 2017 (Updated 11th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 2329

Why $1,000 deposit is not enough

Just recently, as happens from time to time, a buyer asked me why he had to pay a large deposit. “My finance broker said I only need to put down $1,000” Legally this may be the case, deposits are negotiable in Queensland, but in reality a seller taking their property ...

Annette SinclairPosted By Annette Sinclair
31st July 2015 (Updated 9th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 2970

How can my sale fall over?

It's common for questions to arise whenever a property goes back onto the market after having previously been under contract. Buyers will usually ask why the sale didn't go through, is there something wrong with the property? When a buyer and seller agree on price and terms ...

Annette SinclairPosted By Annette Sinclair
3rd June 2015 (Updated 9th October 2021)
Duration : 5 Minute Read
Views : 2562

What’s an “average” Main Beach body corp fee?

$7,919 per annum. Recently we seem to have another crop of buyers frustrated with the seemingly high body corporate levies. We sell a lot of apartments, they are our bread and butter real estate. As such we get an insight into the body corporate dealings within the suburb. We ...

Posted By Shelley Fuller
15th May 2015 (Updated 10th October 2021)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 13255
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