15 interesting facts and statistics about the Gold Coast

  1. We have approximately 300 days of sunshine every year.
  2. We are the sixth largest city in Australia. Larger than two of our capital cities.
  3. We are also the most biologically diverse city home to more than 1,300 animal species and 1,700 plant species.
  4. Not surprisingly we are home to the largest professional lifeguard service in Australia.
  5. We welcome more than 13 million visitors annually who contribute more than $6 billion to our economy.
  6. We have 57km of beaches and the average water temperature is 22 degrees.
  7. The 2016 census showed our population as 569,997 with more females than males.
  8. We have kept the Gold Coast Police Department busy with 56,341 offences in 2018 to date.
  9. Like the rest of Queensland, our shark population has declined rapidly in recent years.
  10. There are 40,000 watercraft and 591,547 vehicles registered on the Gold Coast.
  11. Our average wettest month is March with 203mm of rain.
  12. Southport is home to 30,908 Gold Coasters and has our largest population.
  13. The Gold Coast City Council spends over $32 million annually to maintain our beaches and waterways. This is part of the total GCCC budget of $1.5 billion.
  14. The Gold Coast has the largest concentration of themed attractions in the southern hemisphere.
  15. Q1 in Surfers Paradise is the largest residential tower in the southern hemisphere.

This information has been obtained from many sources including GCCC, Tourism Queensland, QLD transport etc. Whilst all care has been taken this information can not be relied on and no responsibility is taken for its accuracy.


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