A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Make sure your images attract the attention of your buyers. My discussion with buyers reveals that if the photography on a listing online is of poor quality, blurry, low light, low resolution etc they will not explore the property further. A picture tells a thousand words…. and this is very important with online listings!

Online advertising is becoming increasingly more important in the promotion of a property. It is imperative to show your property in it’s best light. Your internet listing is probably your best opportunity to find your buyer. Incredibly you will still see many properties brought to the market using bad photos. It can give the impression the owners are simply not motivated to sell!

It does not matter what you are selling…. A small renovator apartment or a large 5 bedroom prestigious home. You have the opportunity to attract a significantly larger number of buyers and generate enhanced competition if your property presents at its best on the net. Property photography company Top Snap conducted a survey on 600 real estate agents across the country and asked about how they advertise their properties. A huge 99% stated that professional photography is the most important aspect.  “Good photography can be the difference between a purchaser opening a web link or moving on to the next. Additionally, the way an office markets property directly reflects their professionalism to the public,” one respondent suggested. Within the same statistics, 89% suggested that good photography increases buyer enquiry.

To compliment your online advertising, having a signboard out front (if the body corporate allows) attract more crucial enquiry. A property does not always reveal a huge amount from the street. Views can be affected by fences, trees, walls etc and it can be difficult for buyers to judge a property from the outside. A well-planned photographic sign can really attract buyers combing the streets to find their next home. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth, local residents generally love the area and can be prospective buyers, or may know someone interested in moving into the area.

Whilst eye-catching advertising is crucial it is important to ensure it is not misleading. Don’t over-edit a photograph or describe features or views the property does not have! There are many ways to target the buyers you need to attract!

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Posted By Annette Sinclair on 15th May 2015

Updated : 17th July 2015 | Words : 414 | Views : 2529

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