How to choose the right agent

If you take the right approach, choosing the right agent is a very simple task. Choosing the wrong agent can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in a poor sale price, cost you precious time with the result being unnecessary stress.

Your home is most likely your most valuable asset and in more ways than one it is worthwhile putting in the effort to choose the right agent. All agents are not equal!

So how do you go about it? The first step is to choose three local agents to appraise your property. Look for those you see as the most active in your area. Contact them and invite them around to view your property first hand. All agents should be extremely enthusiastic about this because this is how we obtain our 'stock'. We don't place an order with a wholesaler (my goodness I wish!), we NEED you to list your property with us or we don't eat!

Take this initial meeting as an opportunity to interview those 3 agents. Observe them and choose the agent you feel you can work most closely with. You and your agent need to have a mutual goal, that is, to obtain an exceptional sale price in the best timeframe. Some of your “interview” questions could include: Do they know the area? Do they understand and appreciate your home? Are they prepared and professional? Are they friendly and enthusiastic about working with you? Do they present well? Are they experienced? Do they exhibit attributes that will help buyers make decisions? Can you communicate freely and openly with them?

If the answer is yes to all these questions then they are most likely a very good agent. Remember, the best is never the cheapest. That skilled agent will easily cover the difference between their commission and that of a lesser agent by achieving a fabulous sale price. In fact, they will most likely cover the total cost of the full commission plus more!

Unfortunately, you will never know how good your agent is until negotiations begin. An agent that negotiates their commission down to secure your listing has just exhibited that they are not a skilled negotiator. What would you prefer? An agent that is capable of negotiating the best sale price for you, or one that just wants a sale at any price?

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