Advertising your property - Make sure you stand out from the crowd!

The basic aim of real estate advertising is simple - to ensure more people see your property so you have a greater chance of achieving the best possible sale price.

No matter how hard you've worked to prepare your property, or how good it looks, if buyers don’t know about it you substantially reduce your chances of getting that dream price. Chances are you will also reduce the likelihood of a quick sale.

And this is why it is imperative to market a property effectively.

Not negotiable – invest in a fabulous set of photographs! This will improve the quality of whatever you do moving forward!

The effectiveness of online advertising on sites like or has increased rapidly year after year and if asked, buyers will usually tell you they saw the property on one of these sites. Furthermore, statistics say that 1 in 3 buyers will not go past page 1 of the search results. This means, investing in the best possible listing so that you appear on page 1!

To make sure you extract the very best from your online presence it is also important to ensure that your property appears on page 1 of a relevant Google search. When you press people for a little more detailed information on how they found the property on the internet, frequently we are told that the buyer originally googled ‘real estate for sale in Main Beach’ or similar. The results then bring up or because these sites have ensured their Google rankings are first class. Your choice of words in the property description, ad words, meta tags etc. also help achieve this.

Listing your property solely on the internet will bring a strong level of enquiry, but search criteria can be quite limiting. Remember, and I know you have done it yourself… buyers will start searching for one thing…. then buy something completely different!

This is where other forms of advertising come into play.

Signboards are an option. Cost effective and offer the opportunity to attract ‘dormant’ buyers. Those people living in the neighbourhood that may be thinking about upgrading? Have always admired the property? May know of family or friends who want to buy in the neighbourhood?

Newspaper advertising can be quite expensive but is undoubtedly effective in attracting the dormant or passive buyer. A large percentage of people read the property section even though they are not looking to buy property. There are also those buyers that are not necessarily targeting your property (have a preference for a different suburb, property type etc.) that will also be exposed to your property via the newspaper – and they have not found you online because of the criteria mismatch. The older folk amongst our community still rely on the Gold Coast Bulletin every day and will still search through the real estate section. Interstate or overseas visitors to our city also do this.

If your property falls into the prestige category it may also be beneficial to extend your print media advertising to circulars in Brisbane, the rest of Australia or even internationally.

You need to target buyers across every media type. You need to maximise your audience. You need to target active buyers.

Agents that offer you 'free advertising', in the most part do not supply quality! The internet advertising they offer will not land (and keep) you on page 1! They do not supply quality signage. They rarely offer quality photography. They do not offer newspaper advertising. What they deliver are sub-standard products and lead you to believe they are all you need to achieve a premium result. Even worse, they now have a vested interest in achieving you a sale as fast as possible so they can re-coup their outlay. The line between achieving the best result for you and their own interests is now blurred.

Caveat Emptor. Consumers need to be careful here. Like anything, you will get what you pay for and I personally would not risk one of my largest assets to this sub-standard process....

If you present your property well, invest in advertising and make access to your property simple you will achieve the best possible price in the best possible timeframe.

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Posted By Shelley Fuller

Updated : 9th October 2021 | Words : 703 | Views : 1883

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