Tips on how to prepare for your Open Homes

Preparing for your open home!

Do all these things and you optimise your opportunity to sell at a higher price and in a better time frame.

1. De-clutter

• Not only will this improve the way your home looks and feels it will help with the moving process in the near future!
• If you haven’t used it throw it out or donate it to charity.
• Throw out broken items.
• Compact the size of your ‘out of season’ clothing or even better move it into storage if possible
• Shred that old paperwork
• Move bulky or excess furniture into storage
• Be brutal! It will pay off!

2. Clean

• Clean your windows and window tracks inside and out
• Dust blinds, wash curtains, or replace them if they’ve seen better days
• Dust everything including cornices, skirting boards, window sills, ornaments and all furniture
• Give those appliances that once a year clean
• Remove the contents and clean inside your cupboards
• Clean your showers, toilets and tiling. Replace grout or silicone, if necessary
• Tidy your kitchen cupboards and closets
• Straighten the clothing in your robes

3. Check for problems

• Check your kitchen cupboards and vanities for water leaks and damage
• Make those small repairs to doors, light switches etc. that may have been neglected
• Check walls and ceilings for cracks and water damage and repair
• Remove any sign of vermin or insects
• Make sure rollers on robes are smooth and cupboard doors are hung properly

4. Eliminate odours

• You can’t mask household odours. Remove the source!
• Don’t overuse air fresheners or incense as this can irritate buyers
• Place some fresh flowers
• Place some freshly baked biscuits
• Let the fresh air in

5. Paint now and finish projects

• Now is the time!
• A fresh coat of paint or even touch ups can make the world of difference
• Finish all those unfinished projects and don’t start anymore!

6. Clean or replace your flooring

• Tattered carpet need repairing and replacing if possible
• Carpets need steam cleaning making sure all stains are removed
• Scratched floorboards need polishing and should gleam
• Chipped or damaged tiles need replacing and should be mopped until they are gleaming
• This will make a big difference in how buyers perceive your property

7. Freshen up fixtures and hardware

• Some fixtures can be replaced quite easily and have a big impact!
• Door handles
• Cupboard handles and knobs
• Light fittings
• Taps
• Showerheads

8. Create a welcome entrance

• You only get one chance to make a first impression and this area is key.
• Make sure the front door works perfectly
• Replace the hardware if necessary
• De-clutter
• Repaint the door if necessary
• Make sure the entry is light and bright even if it is artificial light

9. Stage

• We know this can be a scary expense but you can do this yourself if necessary!
• Stage your home to show space and an easy flow from room to room
• Remove excess furniture
• Remove personal possessions
• Hire furniture and artwork if possible. This can be done on a weekly/monthly basis

10. Leave!

• Buyers feel much more comfortable, will speak their mind and are more inclined to stay longer if the owner is not around. Let your agent do their job.

Make sure you keep this up. If achieving a sale takes that little bit longer don’t give up. Keep this up for every open home and it will pay dividends.

Landlords don’t have a lot of control over how their tenants keep their home but you can still make sure maintenance and replacement of some of these items is completed before listing.

If you would like a checklist of these items just give us a call and will email it through or pop a copy in your letterbox.

Good luck, your hard work WILL pay off!


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Shelley Fuller

Posted By Shelley Fuller
18 years experience in the both Sales and Property Management makes Shelley Fuller an asset to the MBPS Property Management team. Shelley has extensive experience in managing real estate office as well as being out 'on the field' conducting Routine Inspections and Vacate Inspections when called upon to do so. Shelley has extensive knowledge of real estate law and the PO Act so our landlords' investments are in safe hands whilst she is overseeing the smooth transition from vacating tenants to new tenants taking possession of various properties.

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